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- Due to the varied cooking times of our dishes, they may arrive at different times at your table. - Salamanca doesn’t charge a service charge. All prices include VAT. - Please ask your waiter to be advised by Chef if you have any of the 14 declared Allergens and need clarification on any of our dishes. - (V) Denotes dishes suitable for Vegetarians. - All our Beef is 100% Irish. - We accept Visa, Master Card and Laser. - We do not accept Cheques. - In the interests of safety, we will not be allowing the splitting and paying of bills at the reception area to avoid queues. Only one person per table is required to pay the full bill.

Champinones al Ajillo

Sauteed Garlic Mushrooms. *(D)(SD)

Tortilla Espanola (v)

Spanish Omelette with Onions with Garlic Alioli.*(E)(D)(MS)(SD)

Mixed Salad

Traditional Spanish Salad of mixed Leaves, Tomatoes, Olives, red Onion, Cucumber, Corn, Honey Mustard Dressing (SD) (V)

Vegetarian Paella

with mixed Vegetables, ButterBeans, Artichokes. (Suitable for Vegans)

Berenjena Rellena

Grilled Auberginefilled with giant couscous, caramelized Peppers, Goat's Cheese *(D)(G!)(CL)