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COCKTAIL PITCHERS all   (marked ***)                   €39.95 GIANT PITCHERS  OF COCKTAILS (1500 ml top on ice)

Kir Royale, Creme de Cassis, sparkling wine *(SD)

Basil & Strawberry Sangria Glass *(SD)

Sangria Glass *(SD)

Basil & Strawberry Sangria pitcher

(1500 ml top on Ice)  *(SD)

Sangria pitcher

(1500 ml top on Ice)  *(SD)

Basil & Strawberry Sangria

Red or White Jug (750 ml top on ice)  *(SD)

Sangria Jug

Red or White(750 ml top on ice) *(SD)

Wine and Sparkling Wine Cocktails

Rock shandy iced tea

Tea,Rock Shandy,honey,lime,orange