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2 x Alitas de Pollo

Bowl of spicy Chicken Wings & Sour Cream, served with Celery. Contains: (G1)(D)(SS)(SD)(CL)

1x Paella de Pollo

Chicken, Chorizo, green Peas, Carrots, Peppers, green Beans. (Large) Contains: (CL)(SD)

1x Platter Selection

of Chicken Liver Pate, Salmon Pate & Black pudding Pate, with toasted Breads, garnished with Olives.*(G1)(E)(F)(SB)(D)(N)(MS)(SD)

2x Pimientos Rellenos de Carne Picante

Baked Peppers stuffed with Chilli Beef and Sour Cream. Contains: (D)(CL)(SD)

2x Croquetas de Jamon Iberico

Traditional Spanish Ham Croquettes *(G1)(D)(E)

2x Pollo Relleno

Stuffed Chicken with Mozzarella, Sundried Tomato, wrapped in Serrano Ham with roasted red Pepper Sauce. Contains: (D)(SD)