Welcome Back Protocol

At Salamanca Tapas Bar & Restaurant Your Safety is our Priority.
We have designed our Covid-19 response plan to ensure the safety and well-being of our customers, staff and the wider community. When you visit us you can be sure we are following all of the safety measures laid down in the Government protocols and doing our very best to make sure we have a safe space for you to enjoy.
These are just some of the processes we have in place to battle the spread of Covid-19, while also ensuring that we in no way compromise our standard of service and the warm welcome you expect at Salamanca Tapas Bar.

What Are We Doing?
At all times, a lead team representative will be on duty to make sure protocols are strictly adhered to both the front and back of the house to ensure the safety and wellbeing of colleagues and guests.
We have reduced our table lay-out and customer seating by 40% and a minimum of one-meter distance, to ensure a more comfortable dining experience for you while offering a safe distance between other guests.
We will be managing queuing and access in line with the Government advised physical distancing.
Please help us by booking in advance and arriving on time. Our lead representative will manage all entries and exits of guests.
We would ask that you respect the time restrictions.
To play our collective part in defeating COVID-19, one guest from all parties including walk-ins will be asked to provide a contact number and email address.
Our lead will show you to your table, and we have hand sanitizers available at key points.
Tables and chairs are cleaned between sittings, which we have allowed 15 minutes for, and menus are disinfected after each use. We are delighted to be using a special disinfectant that eradicates Covid-19.
We have increased our cleaning schedules and have heightened our disinfection practices in all areas with special attention to high touchpoints in line with recommendations from Government and NPHET (National Public Health Emergency Team). We consider our high touchpoints as
our pens, CC machines, mobile devices, and door handles to name just a few.
Our bathrooms have been fitted with automatic soap dispensers and disposable hand towels as well as antibacterial toilet seats for your safety and comfort.
Perspex screens have been installed at the cash desk area. We encourage card payments where possible.

We kindly ask all our customers to wear a face-covering when entering and leaving the restaurant and all times when not at your tables

Staff Training at Salamanca Tapas Bar & Restaurant.
All of our staff have undergone Back to Work Covid-19 safety training.
In addition to hand washing, staff will use hand sanitizing gels regularly. All front of house staff and kitchen staff are wearing masks. Our staff has temperature checks when they come to work.
Our staff knows they can tell us if they feel unwell before or during work and we will always accommodate their needs.
Staggered start and finish times to allow only one staff member per time in staff changing areas.
New kitchen traffic flows and procedures to protect our team and guests.

Ongoing internal and external training on new and updated policies and procedures.
All of the above will be subject to change in line with the governments phased road maps to re-open the country,

Further Information
If you have any further questions or concerns on these matters, please contact us at
salamancatapas@gmail.com. We thank you for your assistance and understanding in these

Bear with us.
This is all new for us as much as for our customers. We ask that you continue to be supportive of and patient with our restaurant team as we slowly and safely return. We are asking all of our employees to adapt to how our restaurant now works and will only reopen at a pace that allows them to work safely. We will continue to keep you updated via our website and social media channels. We are always grateful for your wonderful support.

Yours Sincerely
Salamanca Management Team