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Dessert – Please ask your waiter

2x Mixed Salad, Contains: (MS)(SD) (v), 2x Olives (c) (v), 4x Bread

3X Patatas Meneas (Traditional Dish from Salamanca)

Warm Paprika flavoured Mash, topped with crispy Pancetta and Chorizo Contains: (G1)(D)

2 x Provoleta a la Brasa

Grilled Provolone Cheese, with mixed Herbs (V) *(G1)(D)

4x Patatas Bravas

Fried Potatoes with spicy Brava Sauce. (v) Contains: (G1)(CL)(SD)

2x Croquetas de Queso de Cabra y Nueces

Goat’s Cheese and Walnuts Croquettes with Black Sugar Cane Syrup. *(G1)(D)(E)(NW)

3x Tapa of Mushrooms

Mushrooms sautéed in Creamy Garlic Sauce.(v) Contains: (D)

2 X Berenjena Rellena de Garbazos y Queso Azul

Grilled Aubergine filled with Chickpeas and Sundried Tomatoes, topped with Goat’s Cheese.  *(D)(CL)(G1) (V)

4x Caballitos con Tartara

Tiger Prawns cooked in a crispy Batter, served with Orange Tartar Sauce Dip. Contains: (G1)(CR)(D)(SD)(G4)

3x Chorizo Picante al Vino

Sauteed spicy Chorizo, mixed Peppers in red Wine, Contains: (SD)